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The Optimal Roofing Process

If the thought of filing an insurance claim and replacing your roof seems like it is just too much, you’re not alone.  Many of our customers call us because they aren’t sure what to do; this is what we are here for.  Fortunately, when working with an experienced contractor things seem to go very smoothly and it doesn’t seem so bad.  Here is the process when working with Tuttle Contracting:

    1. Receive a free photographed damage inspection from Tuttle Contracting and confirm the necessity of filing an insurance claim.
    2. Call your insurance company and file a claim.
      • They will tell you someone will call to schedule a time for the adjuster within a week to ten days.
    3. When the adjustment is scheduled, notify your Tuttle Representative and they will put it on their schedule to be there also.
    4. Your Tuttle Representative will meet the adjuster at your property as your professional representative; it is your choice to be present or not, but it is not necessary.
    5. Typically, the insurance adjuster will complete the adjuster summary and mail it to you within 7 to 10 days.  But, some adjusters are authorized to complete the summary and issue a payment on the same day.  Either way, when you receive your adjusters’ summary contact your Tuttle Representative and they will meet with you and review the summary for accuracy.
    6. If adjustments to the claim are necessary, your Tuttle Representative will take care of them before the work begins.
    7.  With an approved adjuster summary, the construction phase of the work is ready to begin.  Your Tuttle Representative will write the orders and submit them to the production department.
    8. Material will be ordered and you will be notified by your Tuttle Representative when the material will be delivered to your home.
    9. Once the material is delivered, your Tuttle Representative will collect a 50% payment on the project and notify you when the work will begin.
      • This 50% payment will be equal to or less than the first installment check received from the insurance company, not requiring any of your money at this time.
    10. Within days, possibly the next day, the work will begin.
      • Most work will be completed the same day it is started.  But if your home is difficult in design or larger than normal the project could take a couple of days.  No matter the circumstances, your Tuttle Representative will be there throughout the process to keep you informed.
    11. If you are having Siding and Gutters replaced as well, then the siding work will follow the roofing in a similar manner of the material delivery and the start of the work.  Gutters will be the last phase of the work to be completed to ensure there is no damage to the new material.
    12. Your Tuttle Representative will be present throughout the day or days your work is being completed and will complete a final inspection on each phase (roofing, siding, and gutters) once the work is complete.
    13. Upon completion your Tuttle Representative will submit final documentation to the insurance company, notifying them the work is complete and the value it was completed for.
      • This will cause the insurance company to process the final claim payment and release it to you, not the contractor.  Typically, the final installment will arrive within two weeks.
    14. Upon receipt of the final installment from the insurance company contact your Tuttle Representative to make final payment on your project.
      • The sum total of the insurance proceeds will cover the cost of everything except the value of your deductible.
      • At this time you would pay your only out-of-pocket expense, your deductible, to Tuttle Contracting.

For more information on steps 1 – 6 see Insurance Claim Aid/Tips under Services on this website.

Be prepared for the work to begin

    • It is best to make arrangements so small children and pets are not around the construction site.
    • So that the work is able to be completed in one day (most of the time), expect the workers to start early and finish late.
    • Your home will be a construction site for the day, expect there to be noise inside and outside your home.
    • Your driveway will likely be blocked with equipment and/or materials.  For this reason and to prevent flat tires from nails, we recommend parking your car(s) on the street during the day(s) of work.
    • We recommend removing all loose items from wall shelves and walls; pictures, plates, and figurines.  Hammering may create vibrations and will shake these items off the shelves and/or walls.
    • We also recommend removing all items from around the house: patio and pool furniture, potted plants, and gardening equipment.  Workers will be on the roof, creating the possibility of a tool or even shingles falling off the roof accidentally.
    • During the roofing project, dust may fall from rafters and undersides of decking.   For this reason, we recommend any clothing or items this could damage should be covered or protected; especially in attic spaces used as storage.

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