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At Tuttle Contracting it is our goal to provide the best service for the best price – an uncommon combination today, but not impossible.  As we have grown, more and more of our customers are in need of our services due to a damaging storm event; thereby requiring us to work with insurance companies the majority of the time.  It is because of this the “Tuttle Method” was born.

The “Tuttle Method” is a result of the increased requirements the insurance companies have implemented and a trial and error discovery of the best way to work with them.  This information will help you to understand why we operate as we do and how this method will benefit you.

Insurance facts you must know:

    • Replacement Cost Value (RCV) Insurance Policies are required to pay the market value for what it will cost to replace what has been damaged, less the deductible value.
    • Neither insurance companies nor contractors set the price that will be paid on the claim.  A standardized pricing structure, from a third party called “Xactimate,” sets the price and insurance companies and contractors alike must follow it.
    • Because of this system, determining an accurate scope of damage is very important.  An inaccurate assessment can leave you without enough money to complete the project.
    • Insurance proceeds are paid out in at least two disbursements, sometimes more.  But, additional disbursements must be requested or they will never be paid. (commonly referred to as depreciation and/or supplement)
      • If you have the work done for less money than the insurance company estimated, then additional disbursements will NOT be paid. (i.e. It is impossible to “make money” in your insurance claim without committing insurance fraud – a state jail felony.)

It is because of this additional regulation and documentation from the insurance companies that a cheap price on an insurance project doesn’t save you, the customer, any money at all.  So, you may be asking how do we achieve the best service and the best price – the answer is simple, nothing more than your deductible.  The Tuttle Method allows you to limit your exposure to nothing more than your deductible.  Tuttle Contracting assumes the risk and responsibility of working with the insurance company, allowing you to sleep easy at night knowing the project costs are not going to run up on you.

So how does the Tuttle Method work?

    1. Call us today and one of our trained representatives will meet with you, inspect your home for damage, and offer a recommendation whether to file an insurance claim or not.
    2. The representative will need a signature of authorization so we can legally proceed, meet the adjuster, and communicate with the insurance company.
    3. The representative will then measure, draw, and inventory the exact materials necessary to complete the work, and later prepare a packet of information personalized to your homes necessary repairs to be presented to the insurance adjuster at your property.
    4. The same representative will meet with the insurance adjuster and explain and document all damage and necessary repairs.
    5. Upon receipt of the adjusters summary we will again verify the damage assessment to ensure the proper funding is available for all necessary repairs.
    6. With a satisfactory adjusters summary we are then ready to begin the repairs.
    7. The same representative will write the work and purchase orders and continue to work with you through the repair process; and the last person you will see when we are done is the same as the first person you met.

This system of operation is often copied but never duplicated.  While there are other companies that will say they offer a similar service, Tuttle Roofing was the first company to respond to this changing environment and develop The Tuttle Method.  Don’t accept a knock-off when you deserve the original – call Tuttle Roofing and enjoy what so many others already have.


“Tuttle Roofing helped us when we needed it most.”

  • Roofing

    A good roof means a good system of parts functioning together to create a waterproof covering for your home.

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    Using "The Tuttle Method," we will make a complete assessment to repair any damage to your roof and gutters.

  • Inspections

    An inspection from us will determine whether damage exists and will also prevent unnecessary insurance claims.

  • Insurance Claim Aid/Tips

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